Severe winds cause damage in Lewis County

Updated: Mar. 26, 2021 at 10:43 PM EDT
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TOWN OF CROGHAN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The National Weather Service has determined it was severe wind that caused damage in parts of Lewis County, as opposed to a tornado.

Damage to homes and trees was reported in the town of Croghan.

A severe thunderstorm with strong winds blew through the area late Friday morning. Doppler Radar indicated winds at the time of the damage was in excess of 80 miles per hour above the ground.

On Naumburg Lane, we found downed trees and homeowners reporting broken windows.

A homeowner there was shaken by what happened.

“As I opened the door, the wind picked up, glass started smashing, the trees started falling, the trampoline and everything started flying that way,” said Jennifer Tabolt.

“I yelled for my daughters in the basement to stay down there. My porch was shaking. As glass was breaking, I was afraid glass was going to come flying through, so I went back in the house.”

The trampoline was tossed onto the property of a church on the lane.

A viewer sent us a photo of a fallen tree outside a home in Castorland.

Storm damage in Castorland
Storm damage in Castorland(Mary Young)
Downed trees on Naumburg Lane
Downed trees on Naumburg Lane(WWNY)
Downed trees on Naumburg Lane
Downed trees on Naumburg Lane

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