Late budget could delay state payroll, DiNapoli says

New York State Capitol
New York State Capitol(MGN / Matt H. Wade / CC BY 3.0)
Updated: Apr. 2, 2021 at 9:28 AM EDT
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ALBANY, N.Y. (WWNY) - New York’s chief fiscal officer is concerned about what a late state budget could do to some employees’ paychecks.

In a statement, comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said that if the budget isn’t passed by Monday, the paychecks of nearly 40,000 state workers may be delayed.

The budget was due Thursday.

“We have alerted the governor and the state Legislature that if a state budget is not adopted on Monday, about 39,000 state workers may have a delay in receiving their paychecks,” DiNapoli said.

He said many of the employees work in health care and prisons, while many others are considered essential and must show up to work every day.

“I am confident the governor and state Legislature are working hard to get the budget done,” DiNapoli said. “Now more than ever, we need a spending plan that bolsters our economy, fights for those that are hurting and puts us on firm fiscal ground as this pandemic continues to linger.”

State legislators have passed only one of 10 budget bills so far, the one which allows the state to continue paying its debts.

Negotiations are between Governor Cuomo and the Democratic leaders of the state Assembly and state Senate, and largely concern how much wealthy New Yorkers and businesses should be additionally taxed. Legislators are seeking another $7 billion in taxes; Cuomo wants another $2 billion.

Republicans in both the Senate and Assembly are completely cut out of the negotiations, which frustrates them enormously.

“It’s not great. It’s very frustrating right now,” said Will Barclay, the state assemblyman from Pulaski who leads Republicans in the Assembly.

“We represent over six million New Yorkers. I think we ought to have some voice in this budget process.”

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