Tomorrow’s Health: CBD oil, mother-to-newborn COVID, feet & hearts

Tomorrow's Health

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Researchers at Syracuse University compared pain relief from pure CBD oil to the so-called placebo effect.

They found patients experienced improvement in pain using cannabidiol and they also felt psychological effects simply from expecting they had gotten CBD.

Mother-to-newborn COVID

Researchers in Boston found that while mother-to-newborn COVID infection rates are low, babies can suffer indirect adverse risks, especially if a baby needs to be born preterm because the mother is sick.

The study also found newborns of socially vulnerable mothers were at an increased risk for coronavirus infection

Feet & hearts

The way to your heart may be through your feet.

Research presented to the European Society of Cardiology found a simple foot test can detect heart rhythm disorders in patients with diabetes.

Doctors say the quick, low-cost intervention can help prevent strokes.

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