LaFargeville Central School returns to full in-person learning, but with changes

Updated: May. 3, 2021 at 4:35 PM EDT
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LAFARGEVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - LaFargeville Central School District is one of the latest making the change back to full in-person learning. It’s doing it by cutting down on traffic in the building.

The hallways are empty and lockers are rarely used, but class is in session. On Monday, grades 6-12 at Lafargeville Central School went back to full in-person learning, but with some changes.

“Right now, we have all of our kids cohorted. So, they’re staying in the same room, primarily, the whole day. It’s not that high school passing classes at the bell,” said Travis Hoover, district superintendent.

It’s the teachers who change classrooms instead, limiting traffic in the hallways. Hoover says masks are still required and students sit at least three feet apart, which follows the latest CDC guidelines.

But do teachers feel comfortable? The president of New York State United Teachers thinks so.

“Most teachers that want the vaccine have gotten it already so that’s a good place for us to be,” said Andy Pallotta, NYSUT.

Pallotta says the union has been deferring to individual school districts to determine when they feel confident to reopen.

Hoover says the entire staff has been in school since September and teachers have not had an issue with bringing students back.

“No friction at all with our staff. They’ve had a couple questions - how’s it going to work? What’s it going to look like? How are we going to do this safely? As soon as we had those questions answered and we worked together on it, together we came up with this plan and we know it’s safe for our kids,” he said.

Hoover says students still have the option to learn remotely if there’s a medical reason. Eight have made that decision. Those students tune into the lessons on Google classroom.

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