Your Turn: feedback on Massena police officer, COVID vaccine & BMW in creek

Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 1:30 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Video has surfaced of a Massena police officer at a private home, and it appears that officer purposely slams a door into the side of a car. The village’s police chief says that officer is suspended without pay:

Needs to be fired and never hired as a cop again.

Darla Franklin

Good to see Massena PD quick to respond appropriately.

Brian Harris

The fact that they punished him is good. But the fact they didn’t disclose the incident to the public when it happened is totally unacceptable.

R Nicholas Starr

The push is on to offer COVID-19 vaccinations to younger teens and children. We asked if you’ll get your kids immunized when a vaccine is available:

My kiddos will not be getting the vaccine. I’m not comfortable with how quickly it was pushed out to the general public.

Jessica Mueller

I’m on board 100% and all of us are vaccinated except my youngest who is 15 and she’ll get it the minute she can.

Dawn Taylor

State police are looking for a driver who led them on a high-speed chase before abandoning a BMW in a town of Champion creek:

How...can you drive a BMW in a cornfield without getting stuck in the mud from all the snow and rain we have had is my question.

Teresa Taylor

High speed with slick roads in what I’m assuming is a rear-wheel-drive BMW. Someone didn’t think this through very well.

Brandon Beckley

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