State nears threshold for dropping most pandemic restrictions, governor says

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says right now 68.6 percent of adult New Yorkers have had at least one...
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says right now 68.6 percent of adult New Yorkers have had at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose. That number has to reach 70 before most pandemic restrictions can be lifted.(WWNY)
Published: Jun. 7, 2021 at 1:20 PM EDT
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NEW YORK (WWNY) - There’s a magic number the state needs before it can begin easing most pandemic restrictions: 70.

That’s the percentage of adult state residents that Gov. Andrew Cuomo says need to have received at least one vaccine dose before restrictions can be lifted..

Right now, that percentage is 68.6 percent, just 1.4 percent more to go.

“Almost there,” he said at a New York City news conference Monday, “but this isn’t horseshoes, we want to be at 70 percent.”

At that point, he said, that state can lift capacity restrictions, social distancing requirements, cleaning and disinfecting requirements, health screening, and the need to collect contact information for possible tracing.

“When we hit 70 percent, then I feel comfortable saying to the people of this state ‘we can relax virtually all restrictions.’”

Some restrictions will remain, he said, for large venues, schools, public transit, homeless shelters, and correctional and health care facilities.

To get to the magic number, the governor said, local governments need to focus their vaccination efforts on the 10 percent of New York’s 1,755 zip codes that have the lowest rates.

All 175 of them have rates below 36.3 percent, the governor said.

“Target those areas,” he said.

“To the county health departments and local governments, I say ‘focus your resources there,’ the governor said. “That is where we have the greatest chance for advancement.”

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