Sunday Sports: Brandon Mothersell named 2021 Watertown Men’s City Golf Champion

Published: Jul. 25, 2021 at 7:45 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - The 36 hole match play final in the championship flite of the 2021 Watertown Men’s City Golf Championship took place Sunday at the Watertown Golf Club.

8:30 AM was the start time as Matthew Barton teed off. He was taking on smooth swinging Brandon Mothersell for the championship flight title.

Mothersell sinks a birdie putt, taking the first hole. And he shows ability on hole number 2, chipping close to the hole and going 2 up on Barton.

Then, Mothersell is up 3 heading into hole number 7. Matthew Barton’s putt close enough and he will also take number 8 to pull within one hole.

Mothersell stops the bleeding by sinking a putt on 10 to go 2 up.

Matthew Barton answers on 12 by sinking the putt, moving back to within one of Mothersell.

Mothersell though, goes back up 3. Barton misses a hole, tying putt on 16.

But Barton bounces back on 17, once again cutting the lead down to 2. Mothersell was up 2 after 18 holes.

It appears Barton has some momentum as he opens up the afternoon session with a beautiful second shot and moves to within one but Mothersell answers, the second shot on the 20th hole of the day gets close to the pin.

The birdie putt puts him back up by 2.

He expands his lead to 4 after 25 holes by sinking the putt on 7.

Matthew Barton was hanging in there, cutting it to 3 with his next putt.

But Brandon Mothersell puts it back to a 4 hole lead on the 27th hole with the putt.

Mothersell, his second shot on 18 with a big crowd on hand to witness a first time winner join an elite group of city championship winners. Mothersell goes on to defeat Barton 5 and 4. A great win for the new city champion and for the runner up, a great effort at the young age of 20.

Watch the video above for both golfer’s reactions.

Congratulations to Brandon Mothersell, the new Watertown City Golf Champion.

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