Farmers learn about barn fogging

Published: Jul. 28, 2021 at 5:47 PM EDT
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TOWN OF WILNA, New York (WWNY) - There’s a new and innovative way to ensure your livestock barn has the right ventilation. It’s called barn fogging.

You can find calves all over the north country - one day becoming the next generation of dairy cows

But they can’t get to that point if they don’t grow up with good air. That’s where barn fogging comes in.

“What we are doing is we are trying to put a little opacity into the air so we can see how’s it flowing,” said Tim Terry, dairy farm strategic planning specialist, pro dairy program at Cornell University.

The process is done using non-toxic smoke bombs that are flushed into the filtration system, funneling smoke into the barn.

If the system works how it should, it will hover inside for a few seconds before being sucked out on the other side.

“As a research institution, helping them put knowledge to work, that’s what we do. We’re all striving for that same goal, maximizing the animal health, the animal comfort,” said Terry.

Presentations are useful for local farmers and producers to collaborate on ideas and brainstorm ways to make their own barns better - the ultimate goal for those who organize them.

“Typically we have one or two or three farms asking the same question. There are probably more out there that have a similar question and we try to design a program to address that,” said Casey Havekes, dairy managerment specialist, North Country Regional Ag Team.

Havekes says the regional team hopes to be able to host more demonstrations in the future and says people with questions should reach out to their local extenstion for the best support.

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