Your Turn: feedback on Cuomo, finding workers & Navy veteran coming home

Published: Aug. 9, 2021 at 3:14 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - Independent investigators working with the state Attorney General’s Office determined that Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women. Cuomo says he never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances:

He implemented New York state’s zero tolerance for sexual harassment in the workforce. By his own rules he should be fired.

Charlie Rafter

I’m so sad to see this crap...Prove it, is what I have to say.

Sheri Miller

Impeach him and take away ALL his benefits.

Kenneth McGuinness

He should be arrested.

Kathy Marra

The Canton McDonald’s is now open and close to hitting its target of employing about 85 employees. Finding workers has been a challenge:

People need to quit living off the system and get back to work!

Jennifer Thurston Cole

It’s extremely hard to find employees. I have my staff built up to about 28 and we could use about 45. Kudos to them for being able to find enough to fill their schedule.

Stephanie Wasilenko

Killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, a Navy veteran from Dexter is about to come home, 80 years later:

Welcome home and thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice. We owe so much to “The Greatest Generation”.

Marie Iannetta Beerman

So awesome. I am sure the family is glad to have him come home.

Irene Farmer

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