Beating the heat on a hot & humid summer day

Published: Aug. 10, 2021 at 5:46 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - It was a steaming hot day across the north country on Tuesday that left people looking for ways to beat the heat, and one place people flocked to: the Thompson Park Splash Pad.

For Alice Anderson, it was the best way bring her grandchildren to cool off while soaking up the sun.

“Well, we came to the splash pad, went to the playground, came back to the splash pad, went to the zoo, and came back to the splash pad,” Anderson said.

Jacob Jobson brought his whole family to the splash pad because it was more convenient than the other option.

“It was a lot closer than going to the beach,” Jobson said. “It’s a little warm for me, and I should be in the water, not them.”

In Alexandria Bay, people rode jet skis, ate ice cream, and drank iced coffee to chill out.

“Yeah it’s crazy, it’s so hot I had to get my iced coffee,” said Brianna Delrossi and Nate Morales, both visiting from New Jersey.

Both say there’s plenty to do in Alexandria Bay to beat the heat.

“There’s a pool at our hotel, so we want to go in the pool and go on the boat, and see the boat rides,” they said.

Cows aren’t fans of the hot weather, either. They get stressed out in the heat and produce less milk.

Casey Porter at Porterdale Farms says her family’s farm has measures in place to keep the animals cool, like side paneling that allows the breeze into the barn, and chimneys that let hot air out.

“Making sure that all the fans are working, and making sure they have plenty of cold clean water to drink is just as important as trying to keep the snow out in the winter,” said Porter.

Porter said cows prefer temperatures in the 50s, which doesn’t seem likely for Wednesday night.

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