Snowmobiles in the Summer, the vintage show makes it’s return to Turin

Published: Sep. 4, 2021 at 5:02 PM EDT
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TURIN, New York (WWNY) - It’s a sound in Lewis County that many are used to, but not usually heard unless there is snow on the ground.

However, for many vintage collectors, snowmobiling can be a year-round commitment.

Some traveled from Pennsylvania, Maine and New Hampshire to enter this year’s Northern New York Vintage Snowmobile Show and Swap Meet.

“I’ve always been involved in all types of motorsports. I started off drag racing really back in the late 50′s and stuff like that and really had no interest in snow mobiles,” said Fred Albert.

But for Albert, that would change. The Massachusetts native bought his first Polaris sled in 1970, eventually getting into racing sleds for many years.

This Polaris he bought in 1976 was one of those racing sleds. He recently restored it with help from his son-in-law and won best of show at a vintage competition in Wisconsin.

“The thing with my sled was that I bought it new, original, and I still have it, and the history that I have with the sled, that made the difference,” said Albert.

Many of these collectors got into snowmobiling at a young age. They say once you get hooked, it’s hard to stop.

“Economically, it’s cheaper to restore, and have fun with restoring. The same satisfaction as you would a hot rod or a street rod and have a fraction of the money put into it,” said John Curtis.

This year’s show has 26 classes, ranging in spectrum from restored and unrestored from different decades to most unique and loudest. To pick a winner, the judges have about 10 different criteria they use to critique them.

“I don’t really come for the trophies, but it is nice to be recognized as doing a good job and have a trophy don’t get me wrong, everyone wants a trophy. But it’s comradery, the same group of guys we see every show,” said Curtis.

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