Your Turn: feedback on help for hospitals, Clayton flag policy & boy’s hair donation

Published: Sep. 20, 2021 at 3:30 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - Governor Kathy Hochul says she will send help if the state’s vaccination mandate for health care workers leads to staff shortages at hospitals, including the one in Lewis County, which is already set to stop delivering babies:

It’s great the governor is stepping up with state resources to assist the hospital in providing services that the citizens of Lewis County deserve.

David Harris

Where are they going to find these mystical resources? Pull from other SHORT-STAFFED HOSPITALS?

Erica Lamoreaux

Clayton lawmakers stand behind their policy that allows only American flags and those of other nations to fly on village flag poles. This comes after pushback from the LGBTQ community, which raised a pride flag on Clayton’s official flag pole this summer:

Bunch of homophobes who don’t deserve their position.

R Nicholas Starr

Good for them. Every “special” group shouldn’t have their flags flying.

Jeana Davis Weston

Now a whole group of people won’t be spending their money in Clayton!

Sheri Miller

The American flag is already up there. Isn’t that flag a representation of the entire country?

Scott Filippi

An 8-year-old Watson boy donated his hair to kids who have alopecia:

Kudos to this little man.

Debbie Smith

What an awesome young boy!

Penny Wilson

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