General Brown honors late Football Coach Steve Fisher

Published: Oct. 3, 2021 at 6:15 PM EDT
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BROWNVILLE, New York (WWNY) - “He was amazing, he was an amazing man,” said Jake Powell, Brownville Class of 2010.

“He expects the best of everyone, he expects perfection,” said Nick Frears, Class of 2011.

Those are some of the qualities of Steve Fisher, who spent 47 years as a football coach, 45 of them at General Brown.

Fisher passed away at 75 years old earlier this week after a battle with cancer.

On Sunday, a memorial service was held for Coach Fisher at the place he devoted so much of his life: on the gridiron. The memorial began at 1:03 sharp. Coach Fisher was known to start practices at strange times, that way his players wouldn’t forget, and wouldn’t be late.

Family members lined up to say a few words about Fisher.

“He walked his talk. And his deep belief that victories are collectively won. Not something you pin on one person. Dad led by example in the realm of integrity,” said Lisa Fisher, Steven Fisher’s daughter.

“He taught me about commitment. He’d say, ‘Jenny, if you said you’d do it, then you do it. No excuses,’” said Jenn Fisher Torralba.

Hundreds of spectators sat on the bleachers and lined the fence to honor the man that brought the school 5 sectional titles and more than 250 career wins.

“And that’s the whole thing about Coach Fisher, it’s all about community. He would be honored, he would love this,” said Frears.

Another former player says he’ll remember Coach Fisher’s tough love.

“He was a really tough guy, he was tough, but he was tough on you, that’s how he loved you. But he also had the best sense of humor in the world,” said Powell.

During the ceremony, the former players took to the field to honor the late coach.

The Watertown Red and Black football coach says Fisher, a former Red and Black player himself, won’t soon be forgotten.

“His memory will live forever. They’ll talk about him for the next 100 years,” said George Ashcraft.

With the General Brown football field named after Fisher, and his plaque at the entrance, those words ring true.

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