Neighbor describes ‘miracle’ of Morristown crash

Published: Oct. 11, 2021 at 4:16 PM EDT
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TOWN OF MORRISTOWN, New York (WWNY) - Why did a pickup truck, towing a race car, veer off a highway and into a convenience store, setting the building on fire? There’s no official word from state police, who are investigating.

It happened Sunday just after 9 p.m. in the town of Morristown, just north of the village.

Morristown Fire Department officials say a truck towing a race car went off State Route 37, took down a telephone pole, and crashed through the building.

Officials said the truck exploded, catching the store on fire.

Everyone inside the store, which houses a Tim Horton’s and Subway, escaped safely.

A neighbor we spoke with Monday was watching television at the time and heard it all.

“A series of a bang, boom and the lights flickered. I told my girlfriend, ‘You better be calling 911 because this bad,’” said Ned Evans.

It was bad in terms of the emergency and the damage.

As for the people in the pickup, when their truck crashed into the store, it went into a walk-in cooler. Evans described how they got out.

“It was a miracle they found the door to get out of the cooler, and then they found the front door. And the driver says, ‘I never have been in that store. It’s just a miracle I found my way out of that store,” said Evans.

Those in the truck were taken to the hospital with injuries described as “not severe.”

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