Watertown church members spent Sunday spreading joy

Published: Oct. 17, 2021 at 4:24 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - The goal on Sunday was simple:

“Bring the mood of people up,” said Calvin Huddleston.

Members from Watertown’s New Life Christian Church spent Sunday holding up signs and passing out apple cider to drivers for free.

“We just want to let people know that they’re loved, bring some hope in this world where it’s getting a little rough right now,” said Linda Damon.

Other members of the church brought the goods directly to people, knocking on doors at Ontario Village Apartments.

“Would you like some goodies today? We just wanted to make your day,” said Alicia Patchett.

It’s Patchett’s first time participating. She says she signed up to do it this year to make a difference.

“I think if we just get to a few people and show them that the kindness of strangers is out there, and we can become more positive in this world,” said Patchett.

The church members don’t ask for anything in return. For them, the reward is seeing a stranger’s day get better.

“I just like seeing people smile. You know, just seeing somebody have a good day when they were having a bad before,” said Huddleston.

Some cars passing through Public Square didn’t get the chance to stop, but honked at the signs.

“I’m just believing that it’s going to make a difference in their lives today,” said Damon.

Whether it was a sign, a curbside pickup, or a delivery, the joy was in the gesture.

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