SLC family court judge candidates say they’ll put children first

Published: Oct. 19, 2021 at 3:49 PM EDT
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CANTON, New York (WWNY) - A campaign for family court judge in St. Lawrence County comes as controversy swirls around its foster care system. Both candidates say they’ll put children first and work to reunify families when possible.

Family court judges make big decisions when it come to children. Democrat Alexander Lesyk and Republican Andrew Moses acknowledge that.

“I intend to enforce my orders, that I issue, with DSS as far as making sure people conform to services and get the alcohol, drug treatment, mental health services that they need,” said Moses.

“While the parents may be fighting with each other, sometimes they get lost in their own controversy and forget that they’re really fighting for the best interest of the children,” said Lesyk.

Lesyk said he’ll make sure each child is represented by an attorney who can remind everyone of that.

“The child has a voice too. And so, when children are involved, I think it’s very important to appoint an attorney to represent the child’s interests,” he said.

Moses has said with the current family court, lawyers often come out saying, ‘What just happened?’ He said he’ll do his best to prevent that.

“I want to have open dialogue in the courtroom. I want people to understand what is happening. I want the attorneys to be able to talk to me. I want their clients to be able to talk to me,” said Moses.

Lesyk said he found Moses’ statement hard to comprehend.

“When you indicate that Mr. Moses said that attorneys come out of the courtroom and say, ‘What just happened?’ and their clients don’t know what happened. That’s the job of the attorneys to clarify to their clients what just happened,” said Lesyk.

Lesyk currently serves as principal court attorney for acting Franklin County Family Court Judge Richard Main. He’s a Norwood resident.

Moses has been a practicing family court attorney for 29 years. He lives in the town of Canton.

Election Day is November 2. Early voting starts Saturday at 42 Maple Street in Potsdam.

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