Jefferson County legislature seats up for grabs on Election Day

Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 5:56 PM EDT
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JEFFERSON COUNTY, New York (WWNY) - On Election Day next week, some voters in Jefferson County will be selecting county lawmakers. One race is hotly contested, another isn’t, and a third features a write-in candidate hoping to unseat an incumbent.

Republican John Peck has served as the District 7 Legislator in Jefferson County for ten years. The district encompasses the town of Champion and a portion of the town of LeRay

“I want to listen to people. I do listen to people and I take my position here very seriously,” he said.

Peck is also the chair of the health and human services committee, helping to lead the county through the COVID-19 pandemic.

He touts his experience as a reason why he should be reelected

“It’s all about making our whole county and community an efficient, better place to live and always keeping the taxpayers’ tax dollars in mind too,” he said.

Peck is being challenged by town of Champion Councilman and Conservative Matt Gump. He feels new representation at the county level is needed.

“Having a new fresh face and a new persepctive on things can help facilitate a lot of change that could be you know for the benefit,” said Gump.

He says if elected, he would be a more vocal presence for his constituents.

“He’s not standing up and advocating for our district and as a result of that, our district is not getting what it needs from the county,” said Gump.

In District 1, Republican Bobby Cantwell doesn’t have an on-ballot opponent, but is being challenged in a write-in campaign by businesswoman Sara Snide

Cantwell says he wants to continue advocating for the people he represents

“I think that both communities, Clayton and Cape Vincent, are very progressive communities, wonderful place to live, and I am very proud to represent both of the communities,” he said.

Snide, an independent candidate, believes she’ll lend an independent voice to the board and says she is ready to work for people in the district.

“I’m their voice, I’m someone that they can come to and say, listen this is what’s bothering me, this is what I want fixed and I am an open ear and they don’t have to worry about party lines,” she said.

In District 3, incumbant Republican Phil Reed will appear on the ballot to be running against Town of Orleans Fire District Commissioner and Conservative Gene Paul Brennan. But since primary day, Brennan has dropped out of the race and is not actively campaigning for the seat.

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