Starbucks will boost pay to an average of $17 an hour

Starbucks said it is raising its U.S. employees’ pay and making other changes to improve...
Starbucks said it is raising its U.S. employees’ pay and making other changes to improve working conditions in its stores.(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)
Published: Oct. 28, 2021 at 10:59 AM EDT
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(Gray News) - Starbucks is boosting wages for its employees in the United States.

The company announced all employees will earn at least $15 an hour by summer and that the average pay will be nearly $17 an hour.

Starbucks officials said the pay rate will range from $15 to $23 based on market and tenure.

Starting in late January, employees with two or more years could receive up to a 5% raise, and those who have worked for the coffee giant five or more years could see up to a 10% raise.

“These new investments show the continued commitment we all have to creating the best opportunities and experience for our partners,” said Starbucks executive vice president, Rossann Williams.

The company is also adding recruiting specialists across the country and extending its referral bonuses to help bring in new talent.

“Today, we are announcing another historic investment in our partners, knowing that when we take care of our partners, they take care of our customers, and all stakeholders benefit,” Williams said. “This is how we continue to build a great and enduring company. One that is committed to the ideal that doing good for one another – and for society – is good for business over the long-term.”

Starbucks is also redesigning and updating its training guide and adding more training time for employees. It also plans to test an app that will let workers sign up for available shifts that fit their schedules.

The wage hikes come among a labor shortage and a union challenge in Buffalo, New York.

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