Pampered lives of rescued animals to get even better

Published: Nov. 26, 2021 at 12:53 PM EST
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CHAUMONT, New York (WWNY) - At Garnsey’s Feral Acres, more than 50 rescued farm animals live the life of luxury.

“Hi, baby! She’s such a good girl,” Jeff Garnsey said to one of them. “Yes, you are.”

But all the love in the world can’t make north country winters any warmer.

This is our third year as a not-for-profit,” Garnsey said, “and probably the most difficult times are in the winter.:

But now, with the help of donors, the sanctuary is getting its biggest addition yet. A barn.

“Look at this,” Garnsey said. “They’re going to have the big doors that open like this. When you come in, everything up here is a loft, the entire length. And this is all going to be for hay storage.

There’s also enough room for 23 pigs, four donkeys (“Rocky has the pink bridle, she’s the little girl”), and “there will also be a paddock for Thelma and Louise, our two little trash cans with horns.”

But even more important than the storage space and living arrangements, the barn will offer a veterinary care room.

“So, procedures that would normally call for a trip to Cornell, which is extremely expensive, our large animal vet will be able to do these procedures. We’re probably going to save in the average year close to $20,000.”

So, more guinea hens can squawk (“They do synchronized squawking,” Garnsey said) and more pigs can nest for years to come.

The sanctuary is about $15,000 away from paying for the new facility in full.

If you’d like to donate, you can do so on their website,

“They’re going to be so happy inside this barn,” Garnsey said.

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