Players keep skills honed at 8-week football clinic

Published: Dec. 21, 2021 at 8:16 AM EST
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ADAMS, New York (WWNY) - The high school football season may have ended last month, but some area football players are back at work looking to get ready for the 2022 high school football season.

A dozen area high school football players spent Sunday morning honing their skills at the South Jefferson SportsPlex, where a Youth Football Clinic was held.

The weekly clinic, which began on December 5 and runs until January 30, is run by former South Jeff varsity football coach Aaron Rivers.

“To be honest with you, I work a lot in the summer with kids,” Rivers said. “I’ve coached a lot of football at all different levels and I just wanted to give kids the opportunity to do something in the winter months when there’s not much space available at schools. The idea came up after talking to the owner of the Sportsplex. We had talked about doing some speed and agility type work and it kind of blossomed into the football idea.”

The clinic, which is open to players in grades 6 through 12, has players from five different schools from around the area in attendance.

Rivers says the purpose each week is to hone their skills and teach them the fundamentals of the game.

“Speed and agility and basic fundamentals,” he said. “Each kid comes from a different school, they have different schemes, so we just work on how to hold the ball, how to catch the ball, how to get up the field once you catch the ball – just the basics. It gives them time to work on the basic footwork and catching and stuff like that. Throwing.”

After this eight-week camp wraps up in January, Rivers is gearing up to hold another eight-week camp, this one for offensive and defensive lineman.

“Well, that’s something that came up because we have the backs and receivers right now working and I don’t want to leave anyone out,” Rivers said. “We’re flipping our focus to the offensive and defensive linemen who aren’t here with us. Also, there’s the possibility of in the future or in the spring, possibly, doing youth or different age groups, different positions so it’s all kind of in the works right now.”

Rivers says while most schools have off-season programs for their players, the purpose of his camp is to add another layer to that in a facility that allows them to work on their on field skills during the winter months.

“Each sports now-a-days has an opportunity for kids outside of the normal season and a ot of those schools provide that,” he said. “We’re just looking to give them extra opportunity during the winter.”

Any players interested in participating can go to the South Jefferson SportsPlex website for more information.

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