Number of new COVID cases slows in north country

wwny North country gets ready to deal with COVID-19
wwny North country gets ready to deal with COVID-19
Published: Dec. 23, 2021 at 4:46 PM EST
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CANTON, New York (WWNY) - Over the last week, the number of new COVID cases in St. Lawrence County has slowly declined.

So has the number of people hospitalized.

Last Thursday, 121 new cases of COVID were reported in St. Lawrence County. There were 29 people in the hospital. Today, the number of new cases is 75, with 17 people hospitalized.

Here’s a more complete look, day by day:

Thursday, December 16: 121 new cases/29 hospitalized

Friday, December 17: 99 new cases/26 hospitalized

Monday, December 20: 185 new cases/32 hospitalized

Tuesday, December 21: 68 new cases/ 22 hospitalized

Wednesday, December 22: 81 new cases/18 hospitalized

Thursday, December 23: 75 new cases/ 17 hospitalized

At first glance, Monday’s numbers - 185 new cases/32 hospitalized - would seem to undermine any notion that COVID cases are declining. But remember, the health departments don’t report on the weekends, so Monday’s number is a three day total of Friday, Saturday and Sunday cases.

And there were no new deaths to report from St. Lawrence County Thursday. That number remains at 157.

The numbers aren’t as clear in Jefferson County, when you consider the last week, but again the general trend seems to be a slow decline.

Today there were 50 new cases, with 25 people hospitalized. (And no new deaths to add to the 142 already recorded.)

A week ago, on December 16, there were 66 new cases, with 28 people hospitalized.

Here’s what it looked like, day to day:

Thursday, December 16: 66 new cases/28 hospitalized

Friday, December 17: 69 new cases/29 hospitalized

Monday, December 20: 66 new cases/22 hospitalized

Tuesday, December 21: 45 new cases/21 hospitalized

Wednesday, December 22: 42 new cases/20 hospitalized

Thursday, December 23: 50 new cases/25 hospitalized

Because of the way Lewis County reports its numbers, we can’t do as detailed a breakdown. But we will update the number of active cases when we gets Thursday’s statistics.

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