Your Turn: feedback on mask mandate extension, gas prices & SROs

Published: Jan. 3, 2022 at 2:41 PM EST
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - The state is extending its mask or vaccinate mandate to at least February 1. The requirement for indoor public venues to make sure their patrons are masked or vaccinated was originally set to expire on January 15:

I got both shots and the booster and I still have to wear this mask. Seems like the mask will never go away.

Sean A. Peck

Who’s enforcing? Everywhere I go it is up to each customer.

Steven Anderson

Thinking it’s a moving goal post at this point. February, March, April....

Scott Lawrence

If you’re hoping for lower gas prices in the new year, you might have to wait a while. An analyst says the national average could reach $4 a gallon in the spring:

Didn’t take a rocket scientist to make this prediction!

Joan C Fohr

If you want lower gas prices, all you need to happen is go back into lock down and shut the economy down. Then gas prices will drop. Careful what you ask for.

Paul Man

St. Lawrence County’s sheriff proposes stationing armed deputies in schools that want them. It’s the latest proposal for bolstering the ranks of school resource officers:

About time...Police will cut some of the other violence in our schools just being there.

MaryLou Ainsworth Remington

What a waste of money and resources. Bring back good old fashioned discipline.

Randy Sabourin

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