Waiting for water: Northland Estates residents frustrated by main break

Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 6:49 AM EST
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - Several residents of Northland Estates, just off Route 11 in the town of Watertown, have been without water since Monday. There was a water main break in the community earlier this week.

“Unfortunately, we don’t get showers or can’t do laundry or anything like that right now,” said resident Merredith Lehman.

Merredith Lehman, a 22-year resident of Northland Estates, has been without water since Monday. She says main breaks have been a recurring problem in the community over the years, but says this is the worst one in a while.

Lehman has been filling up buckets of water at a friend’s house. That way, she can clean up her house a little. Lehman has been in touch with property management and she says she might not have water back until this weekend.

“Still no water,” Lehman said.

The main break has also created icy roads. The water flooded the streets and the cold temperatures have turned parts of the road into a sheet of ice, including people’s driveways.

“Last time I was able to move my car was Sunday,” said Northland Estates resident Brenda O’Connor.

The ice is so thick in Brenda O’Connor’s driveway that the wheels of her car are stuck. She says plows have been by occasionally to scrape up the ice on the road, but the water from the main break leaks and freezes quickly. She says just stepping outside of her house is a challenge.

“The last two days, I’ve walked through the snow trying to get to my mail instead of trying to walk on my sidewalk out around it,” O’Connor told 7 News.

O’Connor, a 12-year resident of Northland Estates, says leaky pipes in the community are common but the past couple weeks have been worse than usual. Northland Estates is owned by Cook Properties in Rochester. We reached out to them but they did not respond to our request for comment.

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