Your Turn: Feedback on Stefanik’s fundraiser, a new Watertown market, & Michael Plummer’s passing

Published: Jan. 17, 2022 at 6:03 PM EST
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - Congresswoman Elise Stefanik took heat from her political opponents after setting herself up to vote by proxy the same day she headed to Mar-A-Lago for a multi-million dollar fundraiser with former President Donald Trump.

All about her power rise and forgetting the little people.

Penny Wilson

What’s the big deal they all do this in congress?

Gary Campany

What about the other 107 that did? They all are doing that at one time or the other. Washington is a mess.

David Flint

A Watertown supermarket recently sold will get a new name. Tops Markets on Washington Street will become a Piggly Wiggly, a supermarket chain mostly found in the south.

I’m big on the pig!!

Paul Richer

Really, who thought up the name “Piggly Wiggly?” It makes me think I should diet and stay away from the supermarket, not go in and buy more.

Rita Alexander

Why can’t we just get a Wegmans?

Elizabeth Hatfield

Michael Plummer, the retired Army colonel who played a key role in reviving the fortunes of Fort Drum, died in Alabama Tuesday morning at the age of 83.

I had the pleasure of working with him he was one of the best and continued on after his retirement to make sure the 10th Mtn Div was always front and center in the community. RIP Mike you will be missed.

Vicki Newberry

So sad. He was always the Champion of Drum

Lisa Besaw

Thank you for your service sir!

Timothy Bunstone

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