Tomorrow’s Health: pregnancy & vaccinations, vaping & COVID, child obesity & the heart

Published: Jan. 18, 2022 at 6:00 AM EST
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - Scottish researchers are highlighting how critical it is for pregnant women to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

A new study of more than 87,000 pregnancies found preterm births, stillbirths, and newborn deaths were more common among women with COVID at the end of their pregnancy.

The majority of complications were in women who had not been vaccinated.

Vaping & COVID

People who use e-cigarettes and test positive for COVID are more likely to have symptoms, compared to people who do not vape.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found e-cigarette users experienced more symptoms such as headaches, muscle aches, and pain.

They also found e-cigarette users -- along with tobacco smokers -- who had COVID-19 made more trips to the emergency room.

Child obesity & the heart

A new study shows the impact obesity has on the anatomy of the heart for young children.

King’s College London researchers found the heart adapts to obesity and generates extra demand on the body, which may increase future cardiovascular risk.

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