Your Turn: feedback on racial slur, mask protest & birthday donations

Published: Feb. 14, 2022 at 2:25 PM EST
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - At least five students were involved in forming a choreographed racial slur with their bodies on the Heuvelton High School gym floor. It’s a slang version of the ‘N-word.’ State police are investigating:

There is no excuse for this behavior in any schools. These students should be expelled and arrested.

Greg Fenton

You are not born racist. You are taught racism...The parents should be in just as much trouble.

Casandra Mcclellan

Around 40 people gathered in front of the Jefferson County Board of Legislators’ building Friday to protest New York’s COVID mandates - especially the one requiring masks in schools:

I am with you. I hate the little children having to wear masks.

Sally Ann Lovvely

They are protesting to be able to do something life threatening to their own children. Sounds more like self-centered, abusive parenting.

Katherine Snow

For his 10th birthday, Easton Phinney didn’t ask for gifts. He asked for donations of backpacks, crayons, and stuffed animals for the Children’s Home of Jefferson County:

This little boy has a heart bigger than he is! What a selfless thing he has done!

Zina M Soluri Ramey

The joy we give to others always comes back to you. What a wonderful gift this young man has given and gained.

Debbie Cottrell Dermady

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