Hotis latest: owner will deal with problems

Published: Feb. 25, 2022 at 3:58 PM EST
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PAMELIA, New York (WWNY) - The many problems of the Hotis Motel will be addressed, according to a man who says he works with the owner.

Part of the motel, on Route 37, burned on February 10. Then, earlier this week, we learned tenants in the remaining part of the motel have been without running water for a week, because of a pipe break.

Town officials and community agencies have brought in portable toilets and bottled water, but have had little luck contacting the owner of the motel.

We were given a phone number, called it Friday, and spoke with a man who identified himself only as “David.” He told us the owner of the motel only became aware of the fire and other problems Thursday, and plans to address the problems.

“David” said he works with the owner, but would provide no additional information.

There are roughly 20 people living at the Hotis now.

Two local agencies - the Children’s Home of Jefferson County and the Urban Mission - have teamed up to help the tenants.

That includes getting them water, food and clothing. They are also working to find them new homes but are finding the tenants don’t seem to want to move.

“Keeping in mind that this is someone’s home and for some people has been their home for a long time, we’ve been met with a little bit of resistance in wanting to connect to alternative housing,” said Diane Zikowitz, a crisis coordinator for the Children’s Home.

“Right now they do have a roof over their heads and they call this home.”

Diane’s agency respects that decision. But her group will keep trying to line up new housing for the tenants in case the motel, as widely expected, gets condemned.

“We may continue to be met with resistance or we may see an alternative and more people willing to accept our help and our assistance,” she said.

Scott Allen, Town of Pamelia Supervisor, said he hopes the owner does, in fact, carry out the needed repairs at the motel.

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