Your Turn: feedback on alleged murderer, baby formula & milestones

Published: May. 2, 2022 at 2:24 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - A town of Lyme man is accused of murdering his sister at the home they shared with their elderly mother. Anthony Dibella allegedly told police he stabbed his sister because he was “done with her witchcraft”:

Prayers for his mom. Mental health is not a priority in this area. So sad.

Marilyn Oneel

He’s either 100% crazy or he’s trying to play it off so they plead insanity.

Bridget Rick Hannan Bump

Baby formula is hard to find on store shelves and the shortage is getting worse due to supply chain issues and recent recalls:

Thank you for finally putting this in the news. This is a terrifying crisis.

Kaylie DeShane

It’s probably time to start making your own formula or try breastfeeding...And no, I am not shaming anyone.

Kylie Lyndaker

My son...needs special formula. After struggling to find cans, I contacted my insurance company and now I get it ordered through insurance and delivered in bulk to my home.

Desiree Morgan

Two members of our 7 News family recently marked milestones. St. Lawrence County reporter Keith Benman retired, and sportscaster Mel Busler celebrated his 40th anniversary at the station:

Thank you, Keith. Your reports were objective, complete, and covered thoroughly... Sorry for us...but wishing you much happiness in retirement.

Andy Webb

Congratulations, Mel for a wonderful 40 years...You have done a wonderful job keeping the north country updated on all our sports.

Deanna Lothrop

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