Golf carts around Sackets Harbor?

Published: May. 9, 2022 at 6:11 PM EDT
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SACKETS HARBOR, New York (WWNY) - Golf carts driving around Sackets Harbor. That’s what Mayor Alex Morgia will be proposing at the village board meeting this Tuesday.


He says one of the main reasons is the lack of parking spaces.

“We have a parking problem in the village. On busy days there’s just not enough parking for people if they’re not able to walk from some of our farther way lots,” he said.

Mayor Morgia says he shared a Facebook post where he invited community members to share their thoughts. He says parking perks are only one of the reasons why this is a good idea. Golf carts could be the new public transportation in the village.

“It’s a great place to retire, but we don’t have public transit here,” he said.

Morgia says he’s getting mostly positive feedback. He aims for speeds around 15 mph.

The mayor says that could slow cars down on streets that have high pedestrian traffic, like people walking their dogs or just out with their kids.

“As a Main Street resident, this is not a business behind us, you know, it’s our house. I think it would ease up in traffic,” said Vivian Daly, village resident.

Some people say golf carts would be beneficial to their business.

“It can also add an interesting dynamic to a business owner in regards to delivering food. It’ll be kinda cool to actually get your own golf cart and be able to locally just deliver that,” said

Jessica Williams, The Battlefield eatery owner.

“On Main Street, it gets pretty busy you know we’re just kicking into our fantastic season. So if we can have these golf carts, we can shuttle people around. I think it would be fantastic,” said Jamie Hubbard, Sandwich Bar owner.

Morgia says golf carts are also an opportunity for tours around the historic village.

He also says that he hopes the proposal gets the ball rolling and that they’re willing to change things around to make things work.

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