Send It To 7 Pics of the Week: dancers, wild critters & beloved pets

Send It To 7 Pics of the Week: dancers, wild critters & beloved pets
Published: May. 12, 2022 at 6:35 AM EDT
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Emily Griffin shares some of our favorite content our viewers sent in.

(WWNY) - We had so many Send It To 7 pics for National Pet Month – plus the usual wildlife.

Before we get to them, though, Rhonda’s Footeworks Dance Studio shared pics of dancers enjoying a pep rally before their upcoming competition. Good luck, girls, and thanks for sharing!

Paula Murphy is kindly sharing her ladder with several bird families. We hope she doesn’t need to use that ladder.

Betsy Cummings found a beautiful nest of robin eggs in Gouverneur.

And some mechanics had a surprise find. A ball python was hiding out in a car.

Now on to pet pics. Bo, adopted from the SPCA, was enjoying his laundry basket.

Summer Anne is showing a big smile, as are Lilly Mae and Apple Smokey.

Make way for the crack and boom of Thunder and Lightning. Vicki Cote must have her hands full with those two.

Enjoying the sunshine, we have Nina and Pickle, Harley the pug, and puppies Polly and Ginger.

Piggie has the need for adventure, taking a spin on her motorcycle and kayak.

Sunshine the cat and Allie the dog seem to prefer indoor relaxation.

We finish with a group of pals, Shayna, Darla, Chance, Ellie Mae, Shadow, and Lucy, from the home of Wendy Chambers.

Thank you to everyone who sent pics. You can share your photos on our website or mobile app, just click the Send It To 7 link.

Check out more Send It To 7 submissions in our Pics of the Week and National Pet Month galleries below.

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