Students take part in bike training program

Published: May. 23, 2022 at 5:55 PM EDT
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DEXTER, New York (WWNY) - Students were riding bikes without pedals Monday at Dexter Elementary School as part of a bike training program.

School officials say it teaches students how to balance and develop some baseline skills such as using their feet to stop and strengthening their core - some fundamental parts of learning how to ride.

Students also learned how to cross the street safely.

“It’s a lifetime physical fitness activity, bike riding. And we’re just trying to develop the core skills that they need to be confident in a bike, first off, being able to balance. THIS bikes are specifically made for just balancing. There’s no pedals on them,” said Michael Hartel, physical education teacher.

“Balance bikes are much more simple,” said Ann Bedard, physical therapist. “So they’re more lightweight as well. And kids can touch the ground. So that instantly builds their confidence. They feel like they’re in control of the bike.”

School officials say this biking program is a perfect way to prepare the kids for their upcoming field days.

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