Your Turn: feedback on school board, gun measure & drug bust

Published: May. 23, 2022 at 4:56 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - It’s rarely seen - a school board silencing parents and even walking out of the room. That’s exactly what happened during the public comment portion of the Watertown City School District’s board of education meeting:

If I were to...walk out at my job because I didn’t want to listen, I would be FIRED.

Becky J Dent

The board did act appropriately according to educational law.

Elaine Place

Guess some parents should hire a lawyer and start suing.

Shawna Lopez

Maybe if they were a bit more transparent, they wouldn’t have this issue.

Ashley Roe

Following the mass shooting in Buffalo, the governor unveiled a measure that would require state police to seek court orders to keep guns away from people who might pose a threat to themselves or others:

Shootings continue to plague us because our elected officials refuse to address the real cause - mental illness.

Robert Paradis

She is mandating that road troopers be able to read minds! Why isn’t this put onto the mental health professionals that...are trained for this type of thing?

Bret Martin

A drug investigation led to a police chase, Watertown school lockouts, and arrests last week. The suspects were caught in the high school parking lot. Police said they recovered cocaine and meth:

They should get extra time for doing it near the schools.

Carrie Stephens

Great job, our guys in blue. So glad they were caught, and no one was hurt.

DT Briggs

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