Well, it COULD have been a cannonball ...

Well, it *could* have been a cannonball ...
Published: May. 25, 2022 at 6:06 AM EDT
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CARTHAGE, New York (WWNY) - It was a brief scare Tuesday afternoon for one Carthage man who uncovered what he thought might be a bomb of some sort on his property.

What seemed like a normal Tuesday for a Carthage resident turned into something more interesting.

Property owner Jeff Scott of 987 State Street says he was digging up his driveway when he came across a suspicious object.

“It kind of looked strange,” he said. “It looked like a smaller version of a cannonball to me so kind of gave me a little paranoid feel.”

Scott says in that moment he called the Carthage Fire Department. He says the first responders called Fort Drum EOD, or explosive ordnance disposal.

“Well, you might better have the bomb squad come up take a look at it because you never know,” Scott said. “In this area Fort Drum is right in the backyard so you never know what could be in the area.”

Carthage Fire Chief Brian Draper says his team followed Fort Drum EOD instructions carefully until it arrived. First step: shut down State Street from the intersection with Thorpe Street all the way down to Hospital Drive.

Draper says this was something new for his team.

“More confusion than anything,” he said. “I mean because it’s not a call that you get every day. And It’s not a clear-cut thing on what it is. So, we knew we had to come to at least secure the area.”

What was this small heavy round object? The Fort Drum EOD found it to be a rubber bowling ball after close examination.

“It’s a duckpin bowling ball,” Draper said, “and it originated in the late 1800s.”

“Well, I’ll tell you it’s one of those things that when the guy is walking down, it’s a relief,” Scott said. “That you know he didn’t have any significant thing. Well, you know, everybody is scattered, especially I got Carthage hospital right across from me.”

Officials say if you also find a suspicious item in your backyard or your front yard, call authorities.

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