Your Turn: Reaction to the late mass shootings, gas prices, and more

Published: May. 30, 2022 at 7:40 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - After mass shootings in Buffalo and at a Texas school, Governor Kathy Hochul says she wants to raise the legal age for purchasing some firearms to 21.

“So at 18, we can fight for our country in the military, but once again, they want to control us by taking our rights away. It’s a people problem, not a gun problem.”

-JoAnne Stott

“We need better restrictions. Raising the age isn’t enough, but it’s a start.”

-Ashley Swanson

With gas prices at all-time highs and other services seeing spikes in costs, experts say this Memorial Day weekend could be the most expensive ever for travelers.

“We won’t be traveling. The price of fuel has gotten out of hand.”

-Chelsea Edlund

“Saw a lot of campers being towed today. Gotta go camping! So worth it.”

-Lori Pratt

“Bet people won’t hit the road if prices double like so many are predicting.”

-Scott Lawrence

And it was a surprise find that required a call to Fort Drum’s explosives experts…. When a Carthage man uncovered a suspicious object on his property.  It was no bomb.. It turned out to be a duckpin bowling ball…  dating back to the late 1800s

“My dad found plastic explosives under the railroad years ago… Fort Drum brought a helicopter and landed right in the parking lot across the street from the police station…”

- Star Nonya

“Not a bad find, anyway. And hey, if you think it might be explosive, it really is better to be cautious.”

-Levi Whitney

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