Anti-gun violence rally takes place in Potsdam

Published: Jun. 11, 2022 at 6:01 PM EDT
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POTSDAM, New York (WWNY) -NAT SOUND: “No More Silence, End Gun Violence.”

That was one of several chants that echoed through the streets of Potsdam Saturday Afternoon.

Nearly 200 people showed up at Ives Park in Potsdam for the March For Our Lives Rally. Students, teachers, and parents- a sea of blue shirts in support of those lost in Buffalo, and those lost in Uvalde.

The rally was one of several hundred taking place across the United States on Saturday trying to bring change in the wake of recent school shootings and gun violence across the country.

“I know as a teacher just how many 5-year-olds I can fit inside my closet. I know I can pick up my table and put it against my door in under a minute. And I know I would put my body against that table, and against that door, and I will quite literally be over my dead body before they reach those babies,” said Sarah Fregoe.

“I’m walking because I’m worried about my own children. I’m a mom of 4, so I’m worried about sending my own kids to school,” said Kate Murphy.

Worries that are shared by mom and daughter.

“I know that the kids at the school in Texas, all of the kids that were hurt or even died were in 4th grade. My youngest brother over there, is named Mac, and he’s in fourth grade,” said Maev Murphy.

New ideas and policies on gun legislation have sparked debate across the state as Governor Kathy Hochul recently introduced ten new bills on gun safety.

“I come from a family of hunters, and I believe in people’s right to have a gun, but I think it’s gotten to a point that the founders did not intend,” Lynn Hall.

“I think it’s critically important for those of us who support the second amendment, and for those of us who are lawful gun owners, to be a part of this solution to this challenge, and this problem that we are facing,” said Matt Castelli.

Although not all New Yorkers agree with Governor Hochul’s new legislation, candidate for the state’s 21st congressional district Matt Castelli says that he could no longer just sit on the sidelines and do nothing in regard to what has been happening across the country.

“To pass legislation to actually address this challenge. Right now, there’s urgency in order to make sure we’re in a position to keep our kids and our community safe,” said Castelli.

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