Your Turn: feedback on Pleasant Night Inn, police recruiting & Xmas parade

Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 4:08 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - The owner of the Pleasant Night Inn doesn’t want any more sex offenders in his West Carthage motel. He’s sending a letter to the Jefferson County Department of Social Services, saying he decided to change hotel policy:

Be careful what you wish for...they could end up being your next-door neighbors.

Jamie Leigh Corbett Thorne

We should be demanding answers as to why the harshest punishments at our disposal are not used on this incurably predatory population.

Emily J. Lyndaker

Dry Hill has a whole empty prison you could turn into apartments for them.

Megan Grunau

Police departments in the north country are having a hard time finding officers. Lewis County’s sheriff blames politics and the media:

Why would anyone want to be in law enforcement? They do their job, and the criminal is right back on the street the same day, doing the same crimes.

Ernest Bishop

Maybe it’s the starting pay. For the crap they have to deal with, it’s not worth it.

Josh Pearson

A new route and new tree are proposed for Watertown’s Christmas parade & tree lighting. Under the plan, the parade avoids Public Square and uses a tree at city hall for the ceremony:

It’s been on the square for as long as I can remember. Feels like a tradition.

Gordie Kenyon

Finally! The tree lights (awful display) and the porta-potty next to the tree on the square just don’t say Christmas.

Adam Shattuck

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