SLAM Fort Drum offers workouts, bonding for moms

Published: Jun. 22, 2022 at 3:15 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - It was a “slammy” morning Wednesday at Watertown’s Thompson Park.

That’s what the women call it.

They’re part of SLAM or Sweat Like a Mother Fort Drum. It’s an exercise program at several U.S military installations.

Some of these moms are not only spouses but also veterans. Every weekday as their soldiers come back from physical training, these women head out to do theirs. But it means a little more.

“Most people don’t come for the workout, they come for friendships and a community that will support them, and then they end up falling in love with fitness along the way,” said Katheryn Jasper, SLAM Fort Drum coach.

The workouts target all parts of the body - such as curls for the upper body, squads for the lower body, and stroller runs for cardio. The drills also include fun affirmation exercises in between workouts to boost morale.

SLAM Fort Drum owner Gabrielle Bernal says it can be easy for military families to put their health and well-being on the back burner while dealing with a military lifestyle.

“I know how important SLAM is to military families because as our spouses PCS and go to different bases we can integrate to a SLAM chapter. Other than women supporting women, like, we’re there for each other as mothers and athletes as well,” she said.

SLAM also focuses on helping pregnant women be healthy.

“What women go through postpartum, not only healing their bodies but as well as healing the changes emotionally and going from no children into motherhood. Just having that transition,” said Bernal.

“We’re all just here cheering each other on, especially fitness-wise. Our bodies go through so much craziness when we birth babies and carry them through pregnancy, we’re here to help each other achieve those goals and get our bodies comfortable and confident and strong,” said Sally Myers, SLAM Fort Drum coach and Army veteran.

These women say it’s not just a circle of friends for them but also for their little ones.

SLAM Fort Drum is not exclusive to military families. All north country moms are welcome.

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