Tomorrow’s Health: COVID & diabetes, calcium & dementia, sniffing out your friends

Tomorrow's Health
Published: Jun. 28, 2022 at 6:58 AM EDT
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(WWNY) - Scientists in Japan are homing in on a mysterious COVID-19 side effect: its ability to interrupt the body’s metabolism and even trigger diabetes in some people.

A team at Osaka University traced the cause to a specific gene involved in insulin production.

In a study published in “Metabolism,” they say genetic testing could help treat the disease by identifying the most vulnerable patients.

Calcium & dementia

A build-up of calcium in blood vessels is often used to determine a person’s risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

Researchers in Australia say it may also predict late-life dementia.

They studied the medical histories of nearly 1,000 women over 15 years.

Those with elevated abdominal aortic calcium levels were twice as likely to be diagnosed with some type of dementia as they aged.

Sniffing out your friends

People tend to become friends with people who smell like them.

That’s the finding of a study published in the journal “Science Advances.”

Researchers in Israel used computers to analyze the body odors of a group of strangers.

Using the smells data, they were able to accurately predict which ones would hit it off when they were introduced.

The researchers say it suggests humans rely on their nose to help them make social decisions.

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