Your Turn: feedback on Zeldin attack, jeweler scam & fixing objects

Published: Jul. 25, 2022 at 5:43 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin campaigned in Watertown a day after being attacked. He says the bigger issue of what happened is that the suspect was released within hours of being charged due to bail reform:

I figured it would take something like this to get this broken law abolished.

Jeremy Wood

Where was his security detail? And why was the perp released? The current empty suit in the governor’s office should be answering these questions.

Jason Ablan

A jeweler that had a store in Watertown for years scammed soldiers nationwide out of millions of dollars. That’s according to New York’s Attorney General. As a result, Harris Jewelry must pay those soldiers, cancel debt, and remove negative credit reports:

Shame on them! Scamming the very people who protect our freedom daily.

Nicole Filkins

What about the people who weren’t soldiers who bought stuff there?

Brian Swank

A graduate student at Clarkson University has come up with a novel way to mend broken objects. Nikolas Lamb combines 3D scanning and printing, and artificial intelligence to make repairing small objects practical:

Thankful for such bright, motivated people!

Ka Ring

This kid is a genius. Just think of the antique and family heirloom dishes that can be brought back.

Sally Thomson Delavergne

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