Concealed carry signs offered in St. Lawrence County

Published: Sep. 15, 2022 at 4:27 PM EDT
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CANTON, New York (WWNY) - You may soon see signs hanging in the windows of St. Lawrence County businesses that tell people if they’re allowed to carry a concealed weapon inside.

The St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday that private businesses in the county that wish to allow concealed carry on their property must register for a sign that says so.

“The law as it’s written is very vague, very ambiguous, and people are having issues with on how to understand the laws because it is general, not specific in nature,” said Sherriff Brooks Bigwarfe.

He’s talking about the new state law that places restrictions on where people can carry concealed weapons. That law was created in reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court decision earlier this year which struck down New York’s long-standing rules governing concealed carry.

That’s why St. Lawrence County is enacting the sign policy.

“I think there’s some confusion out there with businesses that they don’t understand the new laws on carry and conceal, so we’re making this opportunity to put this on our app to have signage in their businesses to allow people to carry and conceal in their establishments,” said Bigwarfe.

St. Lawrence County is the most recent county to enact this policy. Earlier this week, both Niagara and Chautauqua counties announced their plans to have people apply for the signs in response to state legislation that was signed a few months ago.

When it comes to other restrictions on guns that may affect gun shows and 21-gun salutes at cemeteries, Bigwarfe says he’s still waiting to hear what lawmakers say is legal and illegal.

“So we’re kind of in a waiting game where we are trying to get these answers to the questions and when it gets to specifics, i.e. gun shows, or reenactments, or even 21-gun salutes that they’re talking about may be affected, we are trying to get those answers from Albany as we speak,” he said.

Businesses that want to allow concealed carry on their property are required by law to now have a sign posted to let members of the public know.

You can request a sign by emailing, stopping by the sheriff’s office, or request a hard copy from the St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office by filling out your business information on its app and selecting either yes or no when prompted for a sign. By selecting yes, a sign will be mailed to your business address.

To access the registry on the sheriff’s office’s app, click on the “More” button near the bottom, right side, and click on “Business Registry”. To enter your information, scroll down until you get to the Business Information section.

If you don’t have the app and would like to get it, you can find it in Google Play and Apple’s App Store by searching St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s or by visiting