North country school warns of viral “One Chip Challenge” after students get sick

Published: Sep. 30, 2022 at 5:05 PM EDT
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CHAUMONT, New York (WWNY) - One north country school is warning parents about a social media challenge. This one called, the “One Chip Challenge.”

It’s hot to taste, touch, and it’s hot online. Videos of people eating the chip have gone viral on sites like TikTok.

“Kids nowadays definitely, they’re going with the trend. Whatever’s going on Facebook, TikTok. “It’s very scary that these kids are so influenced so quickly,” said William Lipczynski, Chief of the Chaumont Volunteer Fire Department.

It’s the reason the Chaumont Fire Department reposted a message sent to Lyme Central School parents from Superintendent Cammy Morrison.

The message, sent on Wednesday, said the chip caused multiple issues for students at the school, including vomiting, increased blood pressure, and increased heart rates.

In worse cases, it can cause esophageal damage, or even a heart attack.

What makes it so dangerous? The ingredients include the Carolina Reaper pepper, which is considered the hottest pepper in the world. It also includes the same ingredients used in bear and pepper spray.

The chip inside the box can be found at several 7/11 locations in the area, including the one in Chaumont. In her message to parents, Morrison wrote she had spoken with the store manager. When we spoke with the store manager on Friday, she said she was unable to comment, and recommended we reach out to corporate.

Despite the warnings on the display, and the box, anyone at any age can buy the chip.

Another reason why Lipczynski said he and other first responders should be keeping a close eye.

“It’s something that us and the rest of the first responders will definitely be talking about,” he said.

We reached out to 7/11 corporate and Morrison but we did not hear back.