North country woman on track to become ‘Face of Horror’

North country woman leads in horror makeup competition
Published: Oct. 24, 2022 at 6:07 AM EDT
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - We meet a woman of many faces. She’s a finalist in a nationwide horror makeup competition.

“So, I start out with some toilet paper, and some glue,” Tasha Oakes said.

Armed with household products, Oakes can create some seriously scary sights.

“I’m going to try to make a large gash on my arm.”

It’s all for the Face of Horror National Competition, which Oakes currently leads as a quarterfinalist.

“I have always liked horror, right from my childhood. My husband and I are really big horror fans,” Oakes said. “We watch a scary movie pretty much every night before bed.

“I like clowns a lot, they’re very fun and there’s so many clowns you can create.

“I do love Chucky and Pennywise.”

The competition has been carving away for weeks. Now there are only two rounds left.

“In this, we are supporting a wonderful cause. It’s a B+ Foundation and it’s for children with cancer,” Oakes said. “And in the end, the winner also wins a magazine shoot and you have a two-night stay in Buffalo Bill’s house, and also a prize of $13,000.”

Every day, Oakes creates a new look to encourage people to vote for her.

“So far one of my favorites has been Edward Scissorhands,” she said.

“Votes are free, and you can find the way to do it on my Facebook, ‘Tasha Oakes’,” she said. “There’s an option to pay with card to support the B+ Foundation, or there’s a free daily vote option.”

Aside from winning, she wants to show people the magic of makeup and celebrate her favorite holiday over and over again.

“I hope to bring people fun, easy ideas,” she said. “This is done at home and it’s pretty simple. It just takes a little creativity and imagination.”

We’ll know in November if she won, but even if she doesn’t: “this is very fun. Just every day, coming up with something new.”