New Carthage café just may become part of your Morning Ritual

Published: Nov. 12, 2022 at 5:45 PM EST
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CARTHAGE, New York (WWNY) - Although it opened last week, The Morning Ritual shows no signs of slowing down.

The Carthage café is the passion project of one Paegan Thatcher, who worked to get it’s doors opened for over a year.

“I personally love a café. I said ‘what if we did a café?’ My mother said ‘What if we did donuts, too?’ I told her that was a great idea and that’s what we did,” said Thatcher.

In back, dough is flattened, fried, and glazed, but donuts aren’t the only planned items.

Behind the scenes, Paegan has been working to expand the menu to include breakfast sandwiches and gluten free options.

“We’ve been practicing those, so we do little taste tests and see what we’re liking. Hopefully in six months we’ll be able to have a full menu coming,” said Thatcher.

As for the establishment’s unique name, Paegan says it’s origins can be traced back to a friend of hers.

“He said why don’t you name it ‘Paegan’s Ritual’. I said I don’t think a small town is ready for that, but The Morning Ritual would be awesome. That’s what I went with,” said Thatcher.

Over at the Chamber of Commerce, officials say they’re excited to see the business breathe life into the village.

“I think it’s great. I think any new business, any sort of productivity in the neighborhood, is always a good thing. It’s innovative, it’s new, and it’s great coffee. You can’t beat it,” said Carthage Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Justina Jarrard.

Eventually, Paegan hopes the restaurant will serve as a sort of community hub for Carthage, using her platform to highlight other local businesses.

“I just want to be a positive contributing member to Carthage. Bring something to it and also be able to give back,” said Thatcher.

The Morning Ritual has yet to join up with the Chamber of Commerce, but Jarrard says they are excited to bring them into the fold, helping to keep the village thriving for years to come.