Snow isn’t only challenge for plow crews

Published: Nov. 16, 2022 at 4:33 PM EST
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TOWN OF PAMELIA, New York (WWNY) - Are north country snow plow crews ready? For the most part, they are, but snow won’t be their only challenge this winter.

Melting snow sits in front of the plows at the Town of Pamelia Highway Department - remnants from Wednesday morning’s sweep.

“We had two out this morning, yep. Kind of a dry run to make sure everything’s working,” said Bruce Call, Pamelia highway superintendent.

He says this storm may bring more than the typical first measurable snow of the season.

“Not so much, this much. Usually, it’s like what we had today. It may be like that until the end of December until we get a significant snowfall,” said Call.

Plows were equipped this week and crews marked the sides of the roads with reflectors.

“Now we shouldn’t be driving in the ditch, but it does happen now and then,” said Call.

Crews at the Watertown Department of Public Works are also preparing for the first snow. But this year, the snow won’t be their only challenge.

“We’re about seven positions shy of being full. So I think overall we’re about 27 people, boots on the ground, actual snow removal,” said

Patrick Keenan, DPW superintendent.

Keenan says fewer people may mean more time is needed to clear the streets.

“We’ll be plowing continuously as it starts snowing, but once it does stop, about eight hours to get everything cleaned up. Any reduction in what our standard deployment is will obviously result in a little longer time to get the job done,” he said.

If Keenan needs help, he’ll ask other city departments to assist with cleanup. He hopes drivers will be patient as crews do what they can with the first major snowfall of the season.