Dealing with almost 5 feet of snow in Watertown

Published: Nov. 19, 2022 at 6:26 PM EST
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - In the streets of Watertown, you would have found a tractor trailer stuck on the road, people digging out of their driveways and even one nearby home damaged by the accumulation.

But through it all, people’s thoughts on the storm vary, it depends on who you ask.

Cars covered in feet of snow, pine trees drooping from heavy accumulation and the roar of snow blowers from every direction.

The sights and sounds of winter around Watertown Saturday morning.

Kara Velasco had already been out for 3 hours when we found her shoveling on Sherman Street, helping to dig her friend out.

“I’m from Illinois originally so we get snow like this but in my life, I have never experienced so much snow at once, so it’s definitely something new,” said Velasco.

In the north country where we see a lot of snow, it’s not common to see banks this high, especially this early in the year.

the heavy amount of snow fall also leading to slippery conditions on city streets.

This tractor trailer was coming out of the Sunoco parking lot on Factory street when it got stuck, having to wait for additional manpower to send it back on it’s way.

and just outside the city, the ceiling inside this red mobile home in the Town of Pamelia collapsed due to snow that accumulated on top of it.

5 people, including 3 children lived there.

The homeowner says repairs are needed before they can move back in.

The Red Cross is helping them in the interim

Back in Watertown, keeping up with the Jone’s boys would have been a tough task for many as they helped others on their street that were plowed in

When asked about shoveling, they may have summed up what many were feeling.

“These gloves are just not the right kind because it’s so freezing,” said Evan Jones.

“My ears are now feeling like they have frostbite,” said Owen Jones.

But even with this early system hitting our doorsteps, some like Darien Cain seem to always find the silver lining.

“It’s really pretty in those first couple hours then you are like, oh man, now I actually have to do to some work. But I’ll take the north country over the south any day,” said Cain.