Digging out in the twin villages

Published: Nov. 19, 2022 at 6:48 PM EST
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CARTHAGE, New York (WWNY)- Snow totals were around 4 feet for the villages of Carthage and West Carthage.

For many North Country residents, this weekend has been far from restful

“I’m ready for summer to come back,” said Megan Pistolese-Shaw, Town of Champion resident.

Pistolese-Shaw is just one out of a heap of North Country homeowners that have spent their Saturday cleaning up the mess Friday’s storm made.

Her and her husband’s current goal?

Unburying their cars, mailbox, and clearing space for their dog.

“This is horrible. My husband and I have been out here for hours. We have a lot more to shovel,” said Pistolese-Shaw.

In the twin villages of Carthage and West Carthage, snow was stacked high and sidewalks were hidden

Downtown Carthage was darker than usual, with businesses snowed out and their owners snowed in.

Bruce Bezanilla lives in Cape Vincent but has been a longtime resident of Carthage.

He spent the night at the funeral home, clearing a path whenever he could.

“Everything was cleaned up at 7:30 p.m. last night. I’d say when I cleaned up it was probably snowing 4 inches an hour,” said Bezanilla.

Bezanilla knew the storm was going to be historic, he didn’t know it would be this much snow.

“I thought the forecast was crazy and we’d never get that much snow, well we did,” said Bezanilla.

But not everyone had a difficult time, at least not right away.

“It was awesome. We watched someone get stuck. We watched someone get pulled out. We just had a good time last night,” said Rudy Vincent, Carthage resident.

The storm was at it’s worst overnight, and that made for a rough morning.

“As soon as I woke up, I looked outside and said oh my, gonna be a long day,” said Vincent.

“I’ve been here for storms. We’ve had storms before and snow but not like this. It was bad last night ,but we I woke up I knew we were in trouble,” said Les Browning, West Carthage resident.

Neighbors helping neighbors, in the aftermath of a historic snowstorm.