Natural Bridge digs out of 70+ inches of snow

Digging out in Natural Bridge
Published: Nov. 20, 2022 at 6:11 PM EST
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NATURAL BRIDGE, New York (WWNY) - “It’s is kind of a feeling of desperation, when is help going to get to us, kind of feeling you know.”

That’s the feeling felt by Sally LaVancha and her daughter who were trapped in their home since Friday after lake effect snow hit the North Country.

The two had to be dug out by the Natural Bridge Fire Crew and Chief Jason O’ Meara.

“I’m very thankful that we are out, and that we can at least get to the road now, next is just clearing up the car and everything,” said LaVancha.

Here in the North Country, the heavy, wet lake effect snow hit the Natural Bridge / Harrisville area the strongest.

We found Devin Grobe shoveling his roof Sunday morning, but on Friday it was a different story. He was stranded on his way home from work for 5 hours.

“It was trucks and trailers off the road, and they closed the road down and somebody finally came in and dragged me out because I was stuck, he drove me out and I was able to get home. The roads were crappy,” said Grobe.

Grobe and his girlfriend Alyssa Fowler have been cleaning up feet of snow for the last couple of days. Fowler says the snow nearly cleared her fence.

“Hopefully the banks sink a little bit, but I have never seen anything like this, ever. I’ve just lived here a year, but nothing like this before,” said Fowler.

Grobe says his priority is to clear out the roof to prevent it from caving in, but for some like Debora Myers neighbor, it was a little too late.

“We’ve all been frustrated around here because we’re not getting no help and I’m feeling for the people that still can’t get out,” said Myers.

Myers says her and her family have been plowing and removing feet of snow from their roof since Saturday morning, only taking a couple of hours to rest before going at it again.

“Across the road they’re losing their porch right now, and we have a friend of ours in Carthage that lost his porch, it’s just too much weight in these houses, and we have nowhere to put the snow,” said Myers.

The Natural Bridge Fire Chief says they got 70+ inches of snow this weekend.

He says although they’ve been making a strong effort to plow the roads and to make sure people have a pathway from their homes to their roads, the major concern now is the excess of snow, as the barricades of snow keep getting higher and higher, and the plowing continues. He says Natural Bridge needs trucks to come in and help relocate the snow.