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Record snow in Watertown
Record snow in Watertown(wwny)
Published: Nov. 20, 2022 at 8:17 PM EST
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - According to the National Weather Service in Buffalo, Watertown has picked up 61 inches of snow as of 8:12 A.M. Sunday.

If this snowfall report stands, once verified by the Climate Center, this could go down as the largest snowfall in the City of Watertown in a 2-day time period. The pervious 2-day snowfall record was 46.3 inches ending on December 10, 1995.

Other important snowfall records for the City of Watertown are:

1-day total: 45 inches on December 10, 1995.

3-day total: 46.3 inches ending December 10, 1995.

Snowstorm records for the City of Watertown started in 1949.

When we talk about snowfall totals, it is important to note that snow is measured every six hours, then added up to give us the snowfall total. What you see on the ground is what we refer to as the snow depth, and the snow depth is lower than the 61 inches snow total, because of it’s compacting over time.

The storm we could compare our current lake effect storm to would be the Blizzard of 1977. The Blizzard of 77 lasted a total of 4 days with some areas of the north county getting 100 inches of snow or more. As for the City of Watertown during that 4 period of snow, it picked up 66 inches.

When comparing the two storms it is important to note that the Blizzard of 77 was far worse than the lake effect snowstorm we saw this weekend in terms of impacts. However, when talking about how much snow fell in a 2-day period, this snowstorm could go down as the worst, if it is verified by the Climate Center. The National Weather Service is hoping to have the snow totals added up and posted either Monday or Tuesday. Once the totals are added up and posted, they will be shared on Kris Hudson’s Facebook Page.