Send It To 7 Pics of the Week: Snow, snow & more snow!

Send It To 7 Pics of the Week
Published: Nov. 24, 2022 at 6:37 AM EST
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(WWNY) - We have snow pics from last weekend’s storm. North country residents were loving it, hating it, stuck in it, and having fun in it.

In the north country you can’t ignore the snow, you just have to embrace it.

That’s exactly what Laura Myers’ husband did on Fort Drum!

And Jessica Whitmore, too.

And Branton Fraust.

And Allison Strife.

A car seems happy enough to be buried in the powder.

And a husky is definitely not upset by snow in South Edwards.

Mara Lamb says a trio was having a blast from Russell.

And Kate Reed’s abominable husband braved the cold in Harrisville.

Viewer Clyde Doolittle sent us a closeup snap of a squirrel (as a kid, Emily Griffin loved the movie “Dr. Doolittle”).

Brinley was playing in Dexter.

Ruthie the pup was learning about her first snowfall.

And Finn and Silas, two wiener dogs in Dexter, were getting a special path from owners Brue and Eileen Kellar.

Thursday is Thanksgiving and Bob Smith in Brownville has his dinner on his doorstep.

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