A donation to the VTC honors a late volunteer

The gift of giving
Published: Dec. 4, 2022 at 6:08 PM EST
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - “She was a giving soul,” said Victoria Fritz, “People just- They really knew her and adore her, and they say it’s just not the same anymore.”

We met Elaine Moulton, Fritz’ aunt, back in 2019, when her flower garden was a neighborhood sensation.

Moulton passed away in march of this year. She was a two time breast cancer survivor and stroke survivor.

Moulton never had kids of her own, but her niece Victoria Fritz says Moulton always made time to serve others.

“She was just so giving and loving how she would take her neighbors grocery shopping, she would take them to doctor’s appointments, she would take them to lab appointments, anybody who needed to go anywhere, she loved to drive her car, she was very very proud of it,” said Fritz.

Moulton’s family decided that a way to make sure her gift of giving continued by donating her car to the Volunteer Transportation Center.

“I mean, they take people to doctor’s appointments, to lab appointments, and this is something my aunt did all the time, and I just felt like it would carry on in her spirit and her love to continue to do so,” said Fritz.

Volunteer Transportation Center Foundation Director Jeremiah Papineau says the team was excited to hear about the gift.

<Jeremiah Papineau, volunteer transportation center foundation director>

“We’ve had great conversations back and forth about Elaine or Miss Elaine as she was known, and it’s just very nice to know that somebody who was such a positive influence in her community, and everybody loved, it’s nice to see that her vehicle will come here and be of even more good,” said Papineau.

Papineau says the 2014 Hyundai Elantra is in great shape and will soon be on the road. He says this gift to the VTC served as a catalyst for a new project.

“It’s not common to receive a vehicle donated to our organization, but it was something that was a catalyst to get us to thinking about the future for more vehicle donations, so we’re working currently in the process of getting something going where people can donate their vehicles to benefit our organization,” said Papineau.

A gift of giving that will help the VTC continue to go the extra mile.